Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ARC Town Hall wrap-up: What ARC values in the next college President

Last Friday (September 6) American River College had a campus Town Hall meeting to get ideas about what to look for in the next college President. The Town Hall was full as the campus faculty and staffed offered their suggestions in an IBA (Interest-Based Approach) format.

Chris Iwata, Dean of Humanities & Fine Arts from Sacramento City College, facilitated the Town Hall, as his staff team collected our ideas on poster-sized white papers.

 Brandon Muranaka (Math) in discussion with Chris Iwata

In a previous post I proposed what I hope the Science Division can accomplish with the new President (and from the email responses I received, this view is shared by others in Science - thank you!). The Interest Based Approach addresses issues by emphasizing shared interests or values in the group rather than specific actions. So the IBA format turned out not to be the appropriate context to express Science-specific projects (new and/or improved laboratory space and updated equipment/supplies to support our laboratory space). However, the campus expressed several values that support our specific actions to better support our Science students.

Below are the Town Hall ideas about our campus values and interests in the next ARC President.

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