Monday, January 20, 2014

Some kind words about the ARC Accreditation Quiz Show at Convocation #ConvoARC

For the January 2014 ARC Convocation we used PollEverywhere to create an interactive, audience participation Quiz Show to kick-off the 2015 ARC Accreditation campaign. 
Interim President Pam Walker opens the Convocation.

During the Accreditation Quiz Show:

To answer the Quiz Show questions, the audience used their cell phones or other digital devices to enter the responses, which are displayed live. On the days leading up to Convocation, we emailed a series of survey questions to answer in order to get familiar with PollEverywhere.

And this is the question that everyone is talking about... 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Accreditation Kick-Off: Poll Everywhere for Friday Convocation

ARC's Accreditation is coming! We have a kick-off event at Friday's Convocation that features Poll Everywhere to do live audience polling. All you need is a web-enabled device (tablet, smartphone, computer) or a cell phone that can text...

So don't forget to bring your favorite mobile device on FRIDAY!

To get ready, there are a series of practice polls for you to try before Convocation.

First poll question: 

Do you ever use the Internet for Facebook?

You can use either a cell phone or web-enabled device to answer.

1. To answer the question on a cell phone, text to 22333 one of the responses below:

389821 for "Have done this"

389822 for "Have not done this"

389823 for "Don't know"

2. To answer the questions on a web-enabled device, just go to  and click on your answer.

For more instructions on how to respond using Poll Everywhere, here is a handout

Added notes:
Did you know that you can use Poll Everywhere with your classes? If you're interested, you can sign up for your own account and create your own polls for your students. Here's the easy user guide to get started:

Example: A poll from one of my classes